New IMO 2020 regulations arises lots of question marks and challenges shipping and bunkering industries. UNERCO team brings tailor made solutions to its clients by unique consultancy services. Consultancy coverage includes preparations for IMO 2020 with tank cleaning schedule, new product trials and claims handling.
Utilization of scrubbers and high Sulphur fuel oil supply arrangements.
Financial analysis for shipping and oil market for near future, medium term and for macro view approach.

Ship Sale and Purchase

As UNERCO we provide premium quality bunkers more than 400 clients all around the world. Staying in close contact with all of our clients and tracking shipping markets 24/7/365 very closely keeps our team updated for your ship sale & purchase needs.

IMO 2020

Please contact us for the specific concerns over IMO 2020. You can check our website for Capt. Erdem Coker’s presentation for IMO 2020.

Claim Handling

UNERCO is ready to handle your claims with its experienced team of lawyers and chemical engineers.

Used Ship Spare Parts

We follow up Aliaga scraps market closely and we are ready to supply used ship spare parts and ship equipments.

Scrap Ship Sale and Purchase

We can buy your vessels in Mediterranean at scrap values and sell them in Indian scrap market, sailing to be done by our crew.