Company’s trading division is specialized in the purchase and sale of Fuel Oil, Gas Oil. Unerco is full of pride of its worldwide relationship which enables it to move oil almost anywhere. As Unerco, our primary aim is to provide best quality products to our customers’ vessels. Also we’re planning to utilize cargo swap agreements with players from other locations, so we’ll have capability to sell our own titled cargos.Main objective of our trade team is to maintain high standards of performance and reliability thereby serving our esteemed clients. We target deals of best grade, at the right time, at competitive price.

As we are physicall bunker supplier we also manage our Cargo logistic chain.We have several agreement amoung the Black Sea and Maediterranean refineries, Cargo traders and suppliers.

Therefore we always have chance to sell part of our Cargo or divert one of our shipments to our customer’s locations.